The one cleaner concept of KC 1000 PS not only saves money, but also cuts labor costs by 50%. 

Uses for KC 1000 PS in the forest products industry are almost unlimited. Use in the following areas:
* air pollution control systems  * lathes on layup lines *veneer dryers 
* remove pitch build up anywhere * cleaning concrete * plant equipment * work stations 
* steam cleaning * pressure washing * hand washing stations 
Some of the benefits of using KC 100 PS:
* eliminates hazardous compounds * reduces dwell time in Block treatment systems       * reduces veneer dryer time 
* eradicates plant corrosion * reduces employee exposure to hazardous compounds 
* eliminates damages by wind-borne caustic soda on neighboring structures, vehicles and people
Your decision to replace hazardous cleaners and hydra-carbon solvents eliminates employee exposure, reduces storage of flammable compounds thus reducing insurance rates and DEQ report surcharges and helps your company to become a Certified Green Business.

Below are products recommended for use in all forest products plants: 
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