The applications for KC 1000 and ECO 2000 are endless in the marine industry. Whether removing grease, oils and lubricants from boiler rooms, engine compartments, decks, hulls and other areas without exposing employees or marine life to hazardous chemicals. Also, makes bilge cleaning a breeze! Our clients document a savings of 50% in cleaning compounds and another 50% in labor cost.

  Some benefits of using KC 1000 and ECO 2000:
* elimination of toxic cleaners * removes tough food stains from linens
 * control of cleaner inventory   * eliminates fish odors * repels insects * excellent carpet and upholstery spot removal
* maintains bathrooms * eliminates mildew * maintain floors, walls, restaurant equipment
* eliminates the need for stainless steel polish * simple to use
Color-coded, permanently labeled spray bottles with mixing lines that take the guesswork out of mixing our concentrate and laminated instruction posters remind staff of all of the many uses of this cleaner in your vessel. Color coded, wall-mounted mixing stations for mixing larger quantities for floor scrubbers and pressure washers reduce over-use of the concentrates by crew members, eliminating inventory control issues.
Uses for these products are unlimited and make it possible to rid the vessel of any hazardous cleaning compounds including cleaners in living quarters, staterooms and galley areas. Use either product in the following areas:
* steam cleaning   * pressure washing * pool areas * bathrooms * laundry pre-spot          * dining rooms
*buffet line * bar areas   * fitness centers * deck furniture * entertainment areas   * galleys
Your decision to replace hazardous cleaners and hydra-carbon solvents eliminates employee exposure, reduces storage of flammable compounds and eliminating the possibility of accidental spills in oceans or other waterways.
Below are products recommended for use in cleaning and maintaining your vessel:
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