Every surface in every building can be cleaned using either KC 1000 or ECO 2000. Cleaning bathrooms to office furniture with the same cleaner that will strip wax buildup from floors seems impossible, but has been business as usual for thousands of our hospitality clients since 1985. 

Save 80% on cleaner costs by diluting our cleaner concentrate with water, mixing smaller quantities in color-coded spray bottles.
These bottles are permanently labeled with mixing lines that take the guesswork out of mixing. Color-coded laminated instruction posters include mixing instructions, health requirements and a complete list of uses for our cleaners in your facility. 
 Replace the following janitorial cleaning products with either KC 1000 or ECO 2000 multi-purpose cleaners:
*wax stripper * wall surface cleaners * bathrooms cleaners * carpet cleaners * vinyl upholstery cleaners * odor eliminators
* window cleaners * floor cleaners * pressure washer compounds * floor degreasers * concrete cleaners


The one cleaner concept of either KC 1000 or ECO 2000 not only saves money, but also cuts labor costs by 50%. Either one of these two amazing cleaners replace grill cleaners, surface cleaners, fryer boil-out, floor and carpet cleaners, wax strippers, coffee urn cleaners,
silver soak and bathroom cleaners.
Color coded, wall-mounted mixing stations for mixing larger quantities for floor scrubbers and pressure washers reduce over-use of the concentrates by janitorial staff and eliminates inventory control issues.
Below are products recommended for use in the hospitality industry:
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