The applications for KC’s SLAVE and KC 1000 PS are endless in manufacturing operations. Whether removing manufacturing oils and lubricants, or carbon and oil from re-manufactured parts, you will not sacrifice cleaning ability or production levels with the use of our cleaners. Our clients document a savings in cleaning compound cost and an increase in production levels!
Hot dip tanks, solvent parts washers and ultrasonic parts cleaning tanks filled with water and either product out-perform caustic and solvent compounds simply by adding heating elements to the tanks or by using ultrasound for additional agitation.








Uses for these products are not limited to parts cleaning tanks.  Use either product in the following areas:

* cleaning concrete * plant equipment * work stations * steam cleaning   * pressure washing *hand washing stations

Your decision to replace hazardous cleaners and hydra-carbon solvents eliminates employee exposure, reduces storage of flammable compounds thus reducing insurance rates and DEQ report surcharges and helps your company to become a Certified Green Business.

 Below are products recommended for use in cleaning and maintaining manufacturing plants:
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