Ask 100 people, “What is the worst cleaning job in your home?” and 98 of them will respond: THE SHOWER.  The other 2 people probably do not clean their shower!

Every surface in a bathroom can be easily cleaned with our multi-purpose cleaner/degreasers, KC 1000 or ECO 2000. No more toxic tub and tile cleaners, abrasives that destroy bathroom surfaces or HOURS of torturous scrubbing. Say good-bye to rubber gloves and gas masks.
No concerns about residue left behind to burn sensitive skin when using the tub or toilet. After your initial tub/shower cleaning, periodic cleaning prevents mildew re-growth.


Products come complete with instructions to guide you through the daunting chore of cleaning and maintaining sparkling bathrooms throughout your home.

Here’s a tip used by the Pros:

To remove soap film and water spots from shower doors and other surfaces on a first-time cleaning with our products, we recommend our paste cleaner called AMAZE. To prevent build-up, a treatment of our AMAZE Sealant will prevent soap film and water spots from adhering to shower doors and surfaces for up to SIX MONTHS. Maintenance cleaning with either KC 1000 or ECO 2000 will prevent buildup. Just spray surfaces one time per week per person using the shower. This method prevents a buildup of scum, eliminates scrubbing and noxious odors and is called “preventative maintenance.”

 Below are products recommended for use in cleaning and maintaining your entire bathroom:

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