How many products do you use to detail your vehicle?
Professional detailers use ECO 2000 and KC 1000 for EVERYTHING.

Replace the following cleaners:

* wheel cleaner * engine degreaser * car wash detergent * carpet shampoo * vinyl cleaner * window cleaner * odor remover * wax stripper *

 Here’s a tip used by the Pros:

Hard water spots and polution residue can be removed from windshields and windows easily with our AMAZE Hard Water Spot Remover.  No more accidental scratching from use of razor blades or steel wool. Next, treat the window with our AMAZE Sealant  that penetrates into the surface of the glass and prevents buildup from 6 months to 1 year!

 Below are products recommended for use in cleaning and maintaining your entire vehicle:

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Parts Washer


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