Todays household consumers are looking for safe cleaners made from readily renewable resources that are even more effective than the hazardous cleaners of the past.

Look no further. You have found the solution.

The one cleaner concept of either KC 1000 or ECO 2000 not only saves money, but also cuts your cleaning time by 50%.  Either one of these two amazing cleaners replaces oven and BBQ cleaners, hard surface cleaners, floor and carpet cleaners, bathroom tub/tile, window cleaners, toilet cleaners, carpet spotters and deodorizers, wax strippers, degreasers and concrete and patio cleaners.


KC 1000 and ECO 2000 save over 80% on household cleaner costs purchased in the grocery store. Did you know that cleaners purchased at the supermarket are more than 90% water? 

Concerned about mixing concentrates?
We sell cleaners, YOU add water.  We have taken the guesswork out of mixing with color-coded spray bottles. These bottles are permanently labeled with mixing lines that make diluting a breeze!


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